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Rose Quartz Semiprecious Stone 13 Piece Pendant Fan Set

$ 2.40

Rose Quartz semiprecious stone 13 piece beaded graduated fan centerpiece pendant set in shades of blue, white and gray.  Color is generally a very pale pink, almost clear in spots. These create a unique necklace that is very flattering. Use them alone or mix them other beads.  They are top drilled with .5 mm holes. 

The shortest of the beads is approximately 10mm and the longest is approximately 30mm and sizes can vary, but finished sets are approximately 1.75 inch to 2 inches wide.  Each bead is 4 to 5mm wide and the bottoms are tapered downward.

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QUARTZ is the greatest of all healing stones; acts as an amplifier for psychic energy and aids meditation and visualization.


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