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Red Jasper Semiprecious 13 Piece Fan Centerpiece Pendant Set

$ 4.75

A beautiful centerpiece of 13 pieces of red jasper semiprecious stone creating a unique fan. As gemstones do vary some, there may be a slight difference in the set received. Some sets have beige, black or gray inflections on them.  These are wonderfully flattering as a necklace in a color that will be ever popular. They are drilled with one hole at the top. Pair them with Swarovski for some sparkle or black beads for contrast.

The sets vary in size as well.  The shortest of the beads is 8 to 10mm and the longest is can be anywhere from 24 to 30mm. Each bead is about 3mm wide and the bottoms are tapered downward. The set is about 1.75 inches x 1.75 inches and some sets a bit bigger. You will receive one set similar to that shown in the first two pictures.

JASPER is a wonderful supporting stone. Wear it to gain a positive outlook. Attracts what one needs - not wants. Good for organizational abilities. Mood elevator, invigorating, stabilizing and helps overcome depression. Improves sense of smell and soothes nerves. Useful in overcoming blood disorders, stomach and bladder issues.

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