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Mookalite Smooth Gemstone 8mm x 6mm Barrel Shaped Jewelry Beads

$ 3.00

Mookalite smooth semiprecious gemstone 8mm x 6mm barrel shaped jewelry beads in various shades of gold, dark red, pink, mauve, beige and brown will give you a variety of beads to blend with different designs or use them together to blend with other beads.  The number of each color per lot of 20 may vary. They are 8mm long and 6mm wide, barrel shapes, with .5mm holes drilled lengthwise through the center.  These are smooth polished stones with a natural look and varying patterns in some beads.

Quantity is 20 beads. Limited quantities available. 

MOOKALITE is an Australian mined jasper coming in lighter shades of yellow, red and mauves. It is said to encourage new experiences imparts a deep calm while encouraging versatility as well as a stone of strength, and decision making.

JASPER is said to be a wonderful supporting stone. Wear it to gain a positive outlook. Attracts what one needs - not wants. Good for organizational abilities. Mood elevator, invigorating, stabilizing and helps overcome depression. Improves sense of smell and soothes nerves. Useful in overcoming blood disorders, stomach and bladder issues.

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