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Mint Green 5mm Round Cats Eye Glass Jewelry Beads

$ 2.25 $ 3.00

Cats Eye fiber optic mint green round glass jewelry beads in a full 15 inch strand of approximately 100 beads. Size varies from 4.5mm to 5.5mm with most being 5mm. Cats Eye beads change hue as they move and reflect light causing a band of light running through the center that resembles a cat's eye. They are a smooth round and fairly uniform, but there is occasionally a bad bead on the strand.

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They are shown in the last photo with other matching beads sold separately.  See all our Cats Eye beads here, or all mint green jewelry beads here. You can also browse with the pull down menus from any collection to sort by size, color, shape or type.  Thank you for stopping and shopping!

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