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Large Tigers Eye Semiprecious Stone Wedge 7 piece set

$ 4.50

Large Tigers Eye semiprecious gemstone beads which would make a great necklace when put together or split them up and put a few together for a bracelet. They are double drilled with the holes being 10mm apart. Each bead is approximately 22x12mm by 4mm thick with the ends tapered downward, so curved on the top and flat on the bottom. They are a little smaller than a quarter, with the sides cut off.

As with all natural stones, there may be some inclusions or imperfections in shape or color. These are large beads and are not perfect, but have a smooth polished finish. See all our 7 piece sets here.

TIGER’S EYE – assists with clear thinking, helps in manifesting will, courage, and confidence. Brings inner peace; stimulates wealth; builds self-reliance; gives courage; helps make wise decisions; aids in sensing what is good and what is evil; has wearer open ones eyes to see our world as a child; brings color to a black and white world; stimulates wealth and maintains it; produces soothing vibrations generating a calmness to unsettled turmoil;

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