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Burgundy Plum Pearl and Marsala Red Long Beaded Fringe Trim

$ 9.00

Burgundy Plum Pearl 4.75 inch long beaded fringe trim with quality acrylic faceted Marsala dark red beads, 4mm and 6mm round plum pearls and beautiful shimmering purple iris glass bugle beads. This trim is a slightly different version with the acrylic beads being a little more on the red side than the plum side of a similar trim.  Every batch can be a little different but stunning nonetheless!

This beaded fringe graduates from a little over 4 inches to 4.75 inches including the 3/8 inch ribbon.  Strands are 3/8 inch apart (10mm) and a section is 3 inches consisting of 9 strands. 

Sold by the yard and half yard, with multiple quantities being a continuous cut.

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