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Amethyst 10mm x 8mm Rectangular Nuggets (10)

$ 3.00

Amethyst purple and lavender nuggets averaging 8mm wide and 10mm long in a strand 5 inches long.  Colors on the beads vary from lavender to darker purple, some with white and gray in them.  They are an irregular cut smooth rectangle shape.  I have two strands a bit lighter and 2 a bit darker.  The rest are medium mixed and patterned.  Choose your color preference on checkout. 

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AMETHYST is said to increase vivid dreams, relieve depression, promote calm, serenity, and spirituality. sincerity; creates peace of mind, intuition and sensitivity; represents power to control evil thoughts; controls drunkenness and tendency for over indulgence; unifies all life; brings forth trust in inner truths, mind quieting, healing and positive transformations.

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