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Gold and White Pearl 5 inch Long Beaded Fringe Trim

$ 12.00

Super elegant long fringe graduating from 3.5 inches to 5 inches long. The long gold beads are 50mm glass bugle beads and are accented with white and clear AB glass seed beads, white oval pearls and white pearlized faceted quality acrylic teardrop ends. Beautiful fringe for bridal or weddings, lamps or home decor. All beads but the pearls are glass on this fringe and it is heavier as a result.

See the pull down menu for length choices The longest continuous piece out of what we have left is 1 yard 21 inches and two 1.5 yard pieces.  If you choose yard and 1, and 21 and 1, you will get 1 yard 21 inches continuous..

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