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1/4 Inch or 8mm Flat Scroll Romanesque Gimp Trim in 19 colors

$ 0.90

Flat 8mm or actually 5/16 inch narrow light weight gimp trim with a nice Romanesque swirly scroll design that lays flat and is not overly heavy in 19 colors including:

Autumn Fall Colors:  Olive Green, Burgundy Wine, Navy Blue, Harvest Gold, Ivory, Mocha Toffee, Brown, and Black

Spring Summer Colors:  Emerald Green, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Pink, Baby Blue, White, and Coral Peach.

Choose your color and quantities from the pull down menus. 

Quantity defaults on this site at 10, but you can add 10 more than once to obtain larger quantities. 

It is sold by the yard with continuous yardage on multiple quantities up to 10 yards as it comes to us on 10 yard rolls. If less than 15 yards is showing available, it may be 2 or 3 pieces. 

These colors are also available in a 1/2 inch trim here.  Metallic colors of gold and silver in 8mm inch trims are here.

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