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About Us

Odyssey Cache was born from Odyssey Creations, which was originally Odyssey Stained Glass started by my husband Dave. I (Barb) started making Victorian Ornaments and silk flower wreaths and arrangements as a means to spend time together while he made stained glass items. Frustrated with not being able to find beaded fringe, and the rising costs of all supplies, I starting designing my own beaded fringe and having it custom made.  Soon, it just made sense to try to sell some of the excess supplies that had to be purchased in large quantities to get the cost down. Initially they were sold as part of the Odyssey Creations shop, but supplies (and demand for them) soon took on a life of their own and the supplies migrated to Odyssey Cache.  

We still list many styles of beaded fringe and also have an extensive line of trims, appliques and brooches as well.  When I started making jewelry, eventually BZ Originals was born and a new line of beads and findings were born to Odyssey Cache. We both still find time to create and enjoy making the world a more beautiful place one creation at a time in our Odyssey Creations shop that combines hand made jewelry, Victorian ornaments, bridal silks and home decor made by Barb with stained glass made by Dave.  We hope that in sharing our supplies here, that you too, will enjoy the creations you make as well.

We are a true "ma and pop" shop with just the two of us and our dog and have no storefront other than our online presence.  We no longer can get the beaded fringe made, so when it is gone, it is gone. We are also no longer restocking trims.  There is, however, boxes of beads that will be listed over time.  Note our discount coupon codes at the bottom of the site for further savings.

NOTE:  We are NOT interested in any solicitations from manufacturers, do not wholesale, and are NOT interested in any web design or other solicitations, which will be automatically blocked and sent to trash. We are in retirement and will be winding down the supplies end and working more on our hand made items.