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Cherry Quartz Large 40mm x 12mm Pink Coral Oval Beads

$ 2.80

Cherry Quartz large 4mm x 12mm oval jewelry beads that are slightly flattened so that they have six sides with rounded edges. These are very beautiful, even stunning beads!  These are actually glass beads created to resemble semiprecious stone and are essentially man made quartz.

Quantity is 3 beads with 3 matching 4mm round beads.  Quantity is limited to 3 lots.

NOTE: All items or lots on this site default to a quantity of 10, but if there is less than that available, it will tell you what is available.  You can also choose more than 10 by adding 10 more than once until it tells you what quantity is remaining.  Most beads are under 10 available lots.

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