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Color Collections for Beads

Colorways Czech Glass beads New Beads Purple Beads Seed Beads Turquoise Beads Two Hole Beads

As a jewelry artist myself, I have come to realize that when shopping for beads online, it is often very difficult to see what may go with the beads that I just fell in love with.

As I am now getting around to posting many new Czech Glass beads and some new types of beads as well, sorting my beads by color allows me to photographing many color groups that match or blend together as a photo to be included in the listing. During this process, links are starting to be set up within the descriptions that will take you to all all light plum beads, that is a bit more defined than light purple beads or even purple beads

While I realize that the name of the color is in the eye of the beholder, I am hopeful that by doing this, it will help buyers to better find exactly what they are looking for and to also be much happier with the blend of their purchases upon receipt. 

Having just started this, it is a work in progress and colorways groups are generated by my use of tags in the listing themselves which have to be exact. There will be some clean up required from prior listings, but things will improve to be more coherent over time with less stragglers.  By example, if you click on All Jewelry Beads, or any other collection in our shop, you may use the "browse by" drop down menu to sort by style, size, color, or type. Obviously the list is long as there are so many bead listings.  However, if you just choose Fire Polished Beads under Czech Glass, the list becomes more manageable, being able to pinpoint to 3mm beads or aqua beads under that collection only; or perhaps Rondelles and 8mm x 6mm rondelles only or turquoise beads, again under that collection only..

With many new styles coming in such as Large Hole Roller beads, Faceted Sliced Rounds, and especially the recently new collections of Seed Beads and Two Hole Beads, which you will be seeing a lot of new listings coming in soon, including new SuperDuos, MiniDuos, Candy Beads, Diamond Duos, Tangos, Triangles, Silkies, and Tilas, it will be especially helpful.  Those beads will also continue to be listed in the All Jewelry Beads as well. 

Keep in mind, our shop is just my and my spouse, who handles only shipping and processing, so it will take time to get these beads out there, but they will come, and I am SO excited about the new line of beads and becoming more creative with them myself!  Your patience is very much appreciated as we continue to improve your shopping experience. Stay tuned!

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