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Shopping Tips and Updates

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Hey there!  Glad to see people stopping and shopping!  There are some things I want to make everyone aware of that may help you with questions, issues and shopping tips!

Free gift with jewelry bead purchases over $10!  I am still working on getting many of the beads online here.  If there is something you want and don't see, please contact me.  This does not included beaded fringe.

Free samples of trim or beaded fringe sent WITH orders (up to 2 or 3) at no charge upon request.  Samples are 1 to 2 inches. Send me the link or the title.  Otherwise, if you just need one sample of trim, email me your name and address along with the ULR of the trim you want. 

Chat is online in the lower right corner.  While I am on the computer a lot, please leave an email address with your question and I will answer you within a few minutes or hours.  I have to sleep too sometimes.  The system may auto respond.  If what you get does not answer, ask the question again and provide an email address or email me at

Pull Down Menus: Note the pull down menus to sort A-Z or Z-A or by price as well as by tags or newest listings.  Tags are something we are continuing to update from Etsy where they had an SEO function and not an organizational function like here.  We are working to make them more uniform and workable. Click on a tag and it will take you to all items with that tag!  They are awesome! 

Quantities:  Quantities default to go up to 10, but if 10 is not available, it will tell you what is.  If you want more than 10 lots or yards, you can add 10, then also add up to 10 more. 

Shipping - Shipping costs will not show up in your cart until you checkout and input an address as they are based on weight to your zip code.  Weights on this shop are actual product weights whereas Etsy is finished packaged shipping weights. 

Invoices - We have upgraded our system to a much more professional looking invoice.  I am working on having that available by email download to the customers as well and should be up in a day or two.

Gift Cards are now available in increments of $10, $20, $50 and $100 here.  They will be emailed to you upon purchase.

Product Updates:  

  • All of the beaded fringe is listed with most of it available in 1/2 yard and 1 yard listings.  Weights are reduced for 1/2 yard listings which is something we cannot do on Etsy.  
  • All trims and appliques are listed with some listed here that are not available on our Etsy site.
  • Jewelry beads and brooches will be a continual process as there are more being added daily.
  • Sale Items - Items are more likely to be listed as sale items here than Etsy because it automatically puts them into that collection making them  easier to find. 

Coupon Codes: See Here

Return Policy: See  Here

Thank you all for stopping and shopping and thank you for your patience as we figure out all the bells and whistles available to us on this new site!   

Barb & Dave Z 

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